From Mother to Daughter, and Back Again

You’ll often find our products inside of Ocala Style Magazine, as we serve as a frequent source of props for their photo shoots. It’s exciting to view our fabulous products in action as we do this month in the “In the Kitchen With” feature showing Vietri and Mariposa.  

Beyond our own “yay for us!” is the privilege of being associated with a magazine that continues to put out amazing content.  The May “Women’s Issue” has so many wonderful features about women in Ocala and their many contributions. Ocala women are our customers, our clientele at Breeze, and our neighbors and friends. After reading this issue, I’m pretty convinced there’s not much an Ocala woman cannot do if she puts her mind to it.

A favorite feature of the magazine every month is the “In the Kitchen With”, where you see home chefs doing their thing.  This month, Caroline O’Connell makes her delicious Key Lime pie using a recipe she developed from a Southern Living cookbook.

Photo Courtesy of Ocala Style Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Ocala Style Magazine

How do I know this pie is delicious?  Because I’ve had it many times. Caroline is my daughter and that Mother’s Day meal she talks about making when she was only 11 years old was for me. I vividly remember the clatter in the kitchen that day prompting soft cries of “Do you need some help?” from me that were quickly re-buffed with “Don’t come in here!!” from her. “Ohh-kay” as I tip-toed away… 

I remember the taste of that lovely meal (spinach lasagna rolls no-less), and the pride on her face.  It’s pretty impressive dish for anyone to tackle, much less a little girl. So I’m sure you can guess how I felt reading this article – especially as Mother’s Day approaches. And oh— that cookbook? It was a gift from her grandmother, my mom.

To my grand-daughter Cammie:  My dear little one, ready-or-not there is a “mother-lode” of tradition and wisdom headed your way. We can’t wait to see what you do with it using talents of your own.

Wishing everyone beauty on Mother’s Day and every day,


Four Generations

Read “In the Kitchen With Caroline O’Connell” – full article. 

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