Planning your Holiday Gatherings

The gathering of family and friends are what the holidays are all about.  Creating an environment of warmth and relaxation doesn’t need to be daunting if you do a little planning, and yield the best rewards in creating beautiful memories that last forever.

Now that the holidays are here, are you ready to create your beautiful home? It’s easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Plan your meal. Decide what you are serving, and what everyone else will be bringing.

Plan your space. Where will everyone sit? Table or buffet? Where will drinks be served? Who needs oven time? What will the space in the fridge be needed?

Take inventory.  Open your cupboards and look at platters, large bowls, plates, flatware, napkins, and serving utensils. What will you serve beverages in? Coolers for ice? Have freezer-safe containers at the ready for leftovers.  Make a quick list of things you need. Are the same things appearing on your list every time? Maybe it’s time to add a necessity or two.

Tackle the list. In my house I do everything to avoid disposables. Using your own things allows touch and visual senses to be as important as taste and smell.  It’s why we have them, they’re usually pretty sturdy, and of course we all want to avoid creating more throw-aways. In the past I have grabbed wine glasses on sale, slipping them back into their boxes and storing in the pantry for next time. No room for storage? Consider your local rental company.  You’ll be surprised how inexpensive they are to rent (especially compared to disposables) and you don’t even need to wash them afterward. Get extra.

Be true to your style. In shopping for those special items like maybe that large platter you’ve been needing, make it work with what you already have.  Mixing and matching decorative or more formal items with your every day can absolutely work. 

Seasonal decorations. No need to go overboard. A wreath on the door, scented candles, some floral from the yard will do the trick.

Go for quality. It’s never a mistake to make a useful item beautiful. Think about what you could be spending on disposables, and make any purchase something you can use again and again to re-create the warmth and beauty of your last holiday gathering.

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